i forgot i had a blog. 

only a few things have been happening.  we saw stereolab and the walkmen last week, both at cat’s cradle.  both really fun and inspiring and energetic.  i’ve discovered that i tend to have a much better time at shows if i remember to bring earplugs and stay sober.  that’s because i love music and hearing more than i love falling over and going deaf.  i haven’t uploaded photos yet, and none of them are spectacular, but i’m sure that will come soon.

i’ve also been obsessed with how incredible it’s always sunny in philadelphia is (a little late, i realize, but hype was slow on this one).  and i’ve always been a danny devito fan in general, because he seems like a salty uncle.  so that’s how i came to the conclusion that i will be danny devito for halloween. 

because he’s so fun!

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7 Responses to whoops

  1. carol says:

    oh yay! i cannot wait! best_costume_idea_EVAR!

  2. charlotte says:

    i’m glad you’re gettin in on it’s always sunny! zero and i love it. i read some BS on a blog i like about how danny devito is not funny on the show, and i almost stopped reading the blog completely, just for that, not joking. i love him on the show- he’s out of control in the best way. fearless.

  3. joe stanton says:

    Have you seen the clip of when Danny DeVito went on The View drunk? Amazing.

  4. apheckel says:

    carol: i’m pretty excited about it. i am currently trying to wrangle the bald cap/fat suit situation.

    charlotte: your endorsement was what got me watching it in the first place. your taste is impeccable! i was telling my friend eric about it on the phone and he just asked, “does danny devito run?” oh yes.

    joe: YES! oh man. he’s an inspiration.

    carol and joe (and charlotte): halloween at my place, i’m 75% sure. especially with the franklin st. thing being up in the air, there needs to be a party place. lyle was talking about a door prize of dinner for 2 for the best barack/michelle or john/cindy costumes.

  5. Natalie says:

    So, are you going be Danny Devito as Frank?

    Or are you going to be Danny Devito from the movie Twins? And Osiris will be Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    Because, honestly, you two posing as twins makes as much sense as Devito and Schwarzenegger.

    Also, spell check hates the word Schwarzenegger.

  6. apheckel says:

    osiris actually wants me to be danny devito as the penguin, since there will be so many heath ledger jokers running around. that’s far more complicated than i had in mind, but i may look into it.

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