i’ve been borderline sick the last week or so.  it hasn’t broken into anything full-blown, but i have been blowing my nose and sucking on cough drops and drinking approximately 6 cups of tea a day.   my lips, nose and eyelids are all extremely chapped, and i have a giant zit directly underneath my nose.  so obviously, i am at my absolute cutest.

i’ve also been eating like crap pretty severely.  i’m eating poor people food for lunch, like freeze-dried miso soup and crackers with pb&j.  our corporate office sent us a giant tin of popcorn in four varieties, so that has spiced things up.  also, somehow i’ve managed to drink two milkshakes in the last two days (or half of each, but still, remarkable) and at least a third of a monkey bread during the debate on tuesday.  the debate was good; my bowels are not.  i get paid tomorrow and plan to spend as much of it as is necessary to get some fresh veggies to gnaw on.

in all of the classrooms at work, there is a yard of red carpet covering the bottom part of the wall.  sometimes on my lunch hour (and particularly this week because i’ve been drowsy) i’ll go back there and sleep and have weird lucid dreams about work.  i typically wake up much worse off than when i went back there.  the rooms are great, though, and each has their own thermostat.  so i plan to spend this winter like i did last winter – bringing a sweatshirt and coat back there, cranking up the heat to like 80, curling up on the floor and shivering as the temperature slowly rises, finally getting to comfortable just as my break ends.

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2 Responses to lad

  1. charlotte says:

    i’ve been eating pretty terribly too, for about a month now, and i am feeling it in the worst ways. i have a serious glitch when it comes to healthy living. i keep myself informed and get hyped up to treat my body right, and then i eat bread and cheese and stay seated. problem.

  2. apheckel says:

    i usually am able to pull off being healthy for about 2 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of fast food and milkshake breaks in the middle of the afternoon. it usually coincides directly with my period and the fact that my ruling planet is the moon. i’m going to blame the moon for the fact that sometimes i eat giant plates of pasta and then go immediately to sleep.

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