some good days

in addition to the very obvious and overwhelming gifts of yesterday, we also got a more subtle gift of free tickets to see dolly parton in raleigh tonight.  and i will tell you that going into a dolly parton concert with an already overflowing pot of emotions isn’t a good idea, unless you feel like almost crying to songs about jesus and “9 to 5”.  any more good feelings and i will probably melt and then evaporate.

i tried to take some pictures of dolly, but she is so shiny that it’s nearly impossible to get a decent picture from far away.  all the pictures i got were of a normal looking stage with a glowing body form in the middle of it.  which i think is actually a pretty accurate reflection of dolly’s presence.  she is such an inspiration (and hottie) that she literally emits light from inside of her.  she is gracious and peaceful and deep and really just incredible in every way.  oh, i am in a state.  

oh also, you got that memo about north carolina, right?  my day off today was unbelievable.

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4 Responses to some good days

  1. charlotte says:

    wow, she is actually glowing. that’s intense. did she do any covers?

  2. apheckel says:

    i’m so glad you asked, charlotte! because she did do a cover. she did a cover of “she drives me crazy” by fine young cannibals. just when you thought she couldn’t get any awesomer.

  3. sarah carter says:

    so jealous. omg dolly! my mom told me she modeled her look after the transvestites in her trailer park. so fly. possibly the only time i heard my mom say transvestite. shine on dolly, shine on!

  4. charlotte says:

    omg, what an ultimate wife she is.

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