fall here

we’ve had a relatively long and satisfying autumn so far, with good colors and brisk weather, thanks in large part to actually getting some rain this summer.  i try to appreciate.  the truth is, this is the loneliest and frumpiest and worst time of year for me.  there have been really good things (duh) but for the most part i just get profoundly bummed when it’s cold outside and the green goes away.  add to that the full moon and my pedigree as a were-bitch and it’s been a hard few days.

i have been trying to mitigate these moody blues (and chapped lips and eyelids) by drinking as much water and ingesting as many antioxidants as possible.  i even ate an entire pomegranate at work today, which was a real challenge and i don’t really recommend doing unless you actually have an hour that you can spend excavating deliciousness without having to use the computer or phone or pen and paper.  also, i probably should have worn a poncho.  pomegranates are a home food.

tonight when i got home i thought i would take a picture of myself in our back yard, where i’m pretty sure i was squatting in hundreds of years’ worth of deer pee.

actually, i sort of do look like a deer.  and i certainly look like i am peeing.

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5 Responses to fall here

  1. da-ho says:

    can we say deer in headlights?

    i like your haircut btw

  2. apheckel says:

    precisely. and it’s actually more of a hair-hasn’t-been-cut-since-april that i’ve got going on right now. how’s the new blog name coming?

  3. charlotte says:

    you’re pretty.

  4. apheckel says:

    back at you, one hundred times.

  5. Natalie says:

    I used to get on fruit binges, wherein I would eat one type of fruit, consecutively, for hours. Like six oranges in two hours.

    This reminds me:

    When I saw Margaret Cho, she related a story wherein she was on a persimmon diet. Have you ever had a persimmon? It’s a strange crunchy fruit shaped like a tomato. I digress, Cho went on to elucidate that she was unaware that all of the persimmons she had eaten were nature’s most fervent diarrhetic.

    That’s right.

    She pooped her pants.

    While sitting in traffic.

    She told this story to a room full of STRANGERS.

    So I guess the point here is, if Cho feels no shame in sharing her “Oops I crapped my pants” story, you should feel no shame in being covered in pomegranate pulp.

    Because, after all, U R A Q T.

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