this week, my car and i traveled our ten-thousandth mile together.  that was thing one.  since then we’ve gone a few more miles.

also, i got my vacation days approved, which means that i have ten whole days off from work coming to me.  oh believe me when i say it will not be missed.  i don’t even have a trip or any major events planned, save thanksgiving.  i plan on discovering hiking trails and watching lots of boston legal.

also, and most importantly, becky taught me how to knit today!  and i started and finished a whole thing this afternoon.  i want to know how to knit in a way that i can start and finish projects in a relatively short period of time, because i have a problem with follow-through.  anyway, it started on my neck, but will likely end up around lyle’s head.  i feel pretty damn accomplished.

thanks one million times to becky for the photo, the yarn, the needles, the lessons and the friendship!

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2 Responses to accomplishments

  1. carol says:

    it looks great! ain’t that becky a wonderful person?
    i’m so glad you two got some quality knittin’ time in.
    i ❤ you both so much!

  2. Becky says:

    Thanks to you for once again making my living room a place where I can sit in my pajamas and have warm, funny, awesome people sharing my couch (besides Thom of course!)

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