vacation, part one

i’ve been on vacation since after work wednesday and have had possibly the most relaxing and most wonderful time.  since then there has been trivia with friends, knitting solo, knitting with friends, hiking solo, tv solo, tv with friends and nonstop partying to varying degrees.

this morning i drove to near-richmond to have lunch with my grandmother.  on the way there, between south hill and petersburg, i played a flirty game of touch and go with a skinny boy with a weak chin who was driving a saturn ion.  i chose him because he was rocking out hard and looked like he was having the best time and was actually driving exactly as fast as i was.  tutu (grandma, mercedes) and i ate a mediocre meal at uno’s, where they messed up our fish & chips and the waiter kissed tutu on the cheek and gave her a birthday ice cream sundae that neither of us ate.  then tutu, having chronic trouble remembering osiris’s name, decreed that she would henceforth call him “ari – like aristotle onassis.”  so that’s how that works.  it was a really great afternoon.  after lunch, we watched spider-man 2 on tv, which took 4 hours.  when i went to leave, she told me to not pick up any men on the way home.  i didn’t see any more skinny boys rocking out in their saturns, so i did obey her commands.


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3 Responses to vacation, part one

  1. Alison E.B. says:

    I love that photograph! I also love reading about your day. I’m glad you’re having such a nice vacation.

    Relatedly, my mom could not remember Osiris’s name for a long time. She would sometimes accidentally call him “Cyprus.”

    Hope the vacation continues to be awesome…


  2. sarah carter says:

    what a dreamy vacation! i’m happily jealous. and what a cool granny! my grannies never watched a movie that i can remember. much less a marvel comics movie. no wonder you’re so rad.

  3. apheckel says:

    hahah, she actually didn’t like spider-man 2 at all. it was just an excuse to sit on the couch not doing much for a few hours, being together. she is an awesome lady, though, and i do like to hope that a little of that has rubbed off.

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