uglier homes and gardens

there is a terrifyingly ugly house in my neighborhood.  it is ugly for several reasons.  reason 1)  look at it:

reason 2)  the man who presumably owns this house spent almost two years turning a perfectly respectable-looking house into this.  when we moved to chapel hill, it was normally sized, colored and structured house.  less than one year ago, it emerged from construction looking like this.  everything about it is terrible.  it looks cheaply done, even though the complete overhaul probably cost a ton, even if the guy did it all himself, which i think he did.

reason 3)  there are some key details this guy missed.  take a look here:

for first time visitors, this is your initial view.  this staircase and porch didn’t exist on the original incarnation of this house.  let’s start from the bottom up:  the walkway winds all the way from the back of the house, where the driveway is, to this staircase.  the paint on the staircase is already chipping and peeling away, which leads me to believe he used interior paint on their front staircase.  again – it’s been less than a year.  and explain the chair barrier to me.  does he have a dog he doesn’t want going down the stairs?  does he simply not want visitors using that staircase that he himself installed?  look to the left of the staircase and you will find three banisters.  to the right?  four banisters.  does it seem trivial?  maybe, but come on.

reason 4)  after basically demolishing a perfectly good house, he put it on the market.  needless to say, it’s not selling.  chapel hill is not the hardest hit housing market in the united states, as you can probably imagine.  now he’s trying to rent out the bottom half of it (i’m not sure if he decided to continue living in the top half or if maybe someone else bought it to rent the bottom half, but for a while both the “for sale” and “for rent” signs were out front).  it’s actually not a terrible deal for it from the listing, and it would be easy to give directions because all you have to say is “i live in that ugly house” and everyone will know what you’re talking about.

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6 Responses to uglier homes and gardens

  1. carol says:


  2. Natalie says:

    I really enjoy posts like these. Probably because I’m mean and enjoy observations on others’ idio-lunacy. Honestly, how does that color still EXIST?

    I digress. So, it took a second for the first picture to load. And I mean, the thing is awful. BUT THEN! The picture fully loaded and I saw the matching address marker/planter.

    I actually gasped.

  3. sarah carter says:

    oh man! you are so right! good keeping your eyes open. if you let those things slide, before you know it, you have one of those shiny purpley-silver orbs right there in your garden next to your fern. p.s. ditto to the superglue exoskeleton!

  4. apheckel says:

    oh, sarah. if only you new. please take a look at the house in which i reside: and then tell me about some purpley-silver orbs (or, lacking them, old bowling balls).

  5. Doug says:

    Um, yeah. 3 posts and 4 posts? HUGE deal.

  6. apheckel says:

    i knew you would understand.

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