a lifetime in waiting

well.  i am satisfied.  what an incredible night.  i’m still in such a state of happy that i kind of feel like i did on election night.  in fact, seeing david byrne was an amazing topper to that experience.  2008 has been a pretty damn remarkable year. 

we got out of the house quickly and without much conflict.  we were crunched for time for eating, so we scooted over to raleigh and, with 20 minutes to eat, stumbled into a lebanese restaurant called “sitti,” which coincidentally is also my grandmother’s (or my great aunt’s; thinking about it now i can’t remember) nickname.  a good sign.  so we scarfed down some appetizers and drinks and made it to the show with a ballin’ parking spot and perfect timing, found our seats in the middle of a row with some fun people and some people who didn’t want to be there (only one person obviously didn’t want to be there).  there were 105 minutes of straight rocking followed by 3 encores and 4 bows.  

there were 3 backup singers, 3 backup dancers, 2 drummers, one keyboardist and one bassist.  and one magic david byrne.  and rock, and liveliness and intergenerational unity.  i’d say, of everyone there, the demographic having the best time was bald dudes.  so i’m glad to know that dad had a great time when he got to see db a couple months ago.

and as a special treat:

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8 Responses to a lifetime in waiting

  1. heidiboooo says:

    my nose is running so much right now but really!
    soooo good you got to see david byrne!

    SUCH A GOOD SHOW, got me high for days and seeing this pics took me back.


  2. Becky says:

    Sounds amazing. Lucky!

  3. apheckel says:

    oh man, still feeling good!

  4. mika says:

    OHHHH this is exciting, reading and seeing those kids all chair-floppy. good on ya for catching such a great show!! his concert in 2004 is definitely one of the best performances I (and bald dudes, hefty ladies, awkward critics who abandoned their notepads to start dancing) have ever attended. so awesome!

  5. apheckel says:

    oh man, definitely a milestone. the lady sitting next to osiris was definitely not into it and looked like she’d been dragged there against her will. she was clutching her purse the whole time and you could tell her husband was pissed that he couldn’t fully enjoy it. what a bummer for him. but we didn’t let it stop us from dancing!

  6. kathryn says:


    february get here NOW.

  7. osiris says:

    that lady drug herself there.

  8. apheckel says:

    she drugged herself there.

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