give up the ghost

i’ve decided that because of my current photo draught, i’ll break my own rules and update without one. a few things.

  1. we’re going to see david byrne tonight, which i didn’t realize until recently is something i’ve been waiting for my entire life. 
  2. i love to go to the derby but i still don’t know how to skate.
  3. the dance scene in chapel hill still sucks.  the once-monthly dance nights suck and the daily dance nights definitely suck.  i’m about to take up dancing in my room in sweatpants permanently.
  4. on wednesday, i’m supposed to wear something “slinky” and pass out crayons so people can color on their really terrible orchestra of the triangle programs.  i think it will be fun.
  5. last week, a customer told me that an angel was going to come down and bless me with some extra cash.  i was hoping that would come in the form of some catering work on saturday, but that didn’t work out.  did i do something bad to my karma between the middle of last week and saturday?  if so, i hope i’ve worked it out by now.
  6. i bought a shitload of yarn.  now i just need to learn how to make things from it.
  7. on a related note, the tip of my right middle finger keeps going numb when i knit for more than 5 minutes.  what is that?  i’m not going to let it stop me, and lord knows i haven’t been doing this long enough to have any sort of knitter’s affliction. 
  8. i had a small emotional meltdown late last week when i was trying to relate to lyle a funny nickname that osiris had given himself.  i couldn’t get it out because i was laugh/crying too hard so i went back in the room to get osiris to tell lyle and osiris thought i’d lost it.  i mean i was for real crying – hard sobbing, snot running down my face crying – from laughter.  i’ve cried and not been able to talk from laughter before, but this was something new and kind of frightening.  i guess it’s good that all that emotion came out in a laugh and not in the opposite direction, which i guess means my life is alright.
  9. i added snow to my blog because wordpress told me to.  i am also rethinking grad school applications for right now because pre-reqs are looking mighty ominous.

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4 Responses to give up the ghost

  1. Carolyn Deans says:

    Ohmigod – You get that too? I also get numbness in the tip of my middle finger – exactly like you describe, only for me it’s my left middle finger and it’s always when I’m driving, not knitting. I wonder if it has something to do with the position that your arm or neck is in – maybe a nerve is getting into a bad position or something? I know sometimes neck injuries can make the tips of your fingers feel numb and tingly. Just a thought.

  2. apheckel says:

    yeah man i have no idea. i don’t ever remember getting numbness when i played cello all the time and was putting pressure in basically exactly the same spot. i think it’s my body telling me i’m working way too hard at this knitting thing and maybe i should chill out. that, or it’s carpal tunnel (though that’s normally the thumb and forefinger).

  3. Carolyn Deans says:

    Yeah, for some reason, I tend to think it’s not the pressure, but idk. I didn’t think of carpal tunnel and don’t know much about it, but that could make sense. Let me know if you figure out what’s causing it.

  4. charlotte says:

    Laughing so hard you end up sobbing is one of the best feelings ever.

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