really, very terrible

so i just completed my tenure as crayon girl for the really terrible orchestra of the triangle’s inaugural/christmas concert.  it was awesome.  i had so much fun.  holly and i gave crayons to everyone.  and then we just enjoyed ourselves.  the program was very well-designed, with diversions to distract the audience from the really terrible music, including music- and christmas-themed coloring book pages (hence the crayon girls) and a lengthy excerpt from a tale of two cities.  that’s a thing you probably don’t always get at an orchestra concert.  literature.

holly and i had the best time watching this old man who was third chair (out of five) in the first violin section.  he was in his 70s i guess, but i’m really really horrible at guessing ages for anyone between newborn infants and the smuckers-sponsored 114-year-olds.  anyway he was wearing a hearing aid and started the concert playing his violin on the wrong side of the bridge.  classic.  and he was making the best old-man faces the whole time he was playing.  oh man.  i forgot my camera so i don’t have any photos or video (such a shame), but you will have to take me at my word that he was putting on the best show of anyone else on that stage.

at intermission, however, one of the other violinists told us that in off-stage reality, he is really a no-fun curmudgeon.  a negative nelly in rehearsals and a generally mean and cranky dude.  i don’t know or need to know the guy, so i have chosen to believe that he is in fact a normal but hilarious old man who puts on a great show.  he was the highlight, for sure.  that, and the $10 someone slipped into my crayon basket as what i  can only assume was a tip (or a fee).  i felt weird for keeping it, so i handed it over to sandy, who was responsible for putting together and directing this thing.  here is a photo of sandy (who is any and everything but a negative nelly or curmudgeon) in his backyard with a tank top on.

sandy in back yard with tank top and baton

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2 Responses to really, very terrible

  1. carol says:

    i love the way you tell stories! wish I could have been there!

  2. apheckel says:

    it was really really fun. you should come out whenever their next show is. it was a blast.

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