i took a sick day today because i’ve had a legit sore throat for a couple of days and i wanted to take it easy today and use up one of my paid days off before they all run out at the end of the year.  i sipped tea and soup and water and took naps and watched old daily shows that i’d seen before.  i actually went shopping, too, because the thought of going to a mall at any time other than monday afternoon grosses me right out. i got some things.

so i don’t know if i’m actually getting sick for real or not, but hopefully my relatively vegetative day will fend it off.  i’ll continue to drink kombucha and emergen-c and see if i can’t head this thing off at the pass.  i keep seeing other people getting sick and i have no desire to go through that.

since i didn’t go to work this morning, i took some pictures of a pre-work osiris.  he looked handsome this morning wearing a great cardigan that i found at the pta thrift store with charlotte a couple of years ago.  if i ever need to sell the yaris, at least i know i have this picture to use for advertising. 


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4 Responses to preventative

  1. carol says:

    this pic is priceless!
    i hope you feel better soon/don’t get sick!

  2. Doug says:

    I hope your TB clears up! (I started reading your post, but Osiris’ picture was too distracting and I couldn’t help but devote my focus to him. I don’t actually know what’s wrong with you, obviously.)

  3. apheckel says:

    – thanks, lady. i’m feeling a little better this morning.

    – doug, i know your fondness for cute boys draped on the hoods of cars. frequently my focus is devoted to him. also – will you be home for christmas? you want to catch a movie?

  4. charlotte says:

    Too good. I’m trying to avoid the sickness too. We’ll make it!

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