new food strategy

osiris has discovered a hidden obsession with casseroles.  he has made 3 in the last 2 days.  chicken with peas and carrots on monday, green bean casserole and tuna casserole yesterday.  he is making it all from scratch (no cream of mushroom soup here) and it’s all been really tasty so far.  i have a longstanding distaste (hatred) for casseroles, but i feel like at least he has put some thought and effort into his.  also, all of the ingredients are descipherable and traceable, which feels a little better.  he even made his own fried onions to put on top of the green bean casserole.  this infatuation is serious.

anyway, the point is to document that i ate some of the tuna casserole for lunch and now the entire office smells like tuna casserole, which is not a pleasant smell.  so for that, i apologize.

in re-reading this, i realize what a weird-looking word casserole is.  i feel like it’s spelled wrong, like it should be spelled more like castor oil.  to be silly, i was going to make a joke about their digestive effects being similar, but that is not entirely the case.  these casseroles are much, much better than the other (more laxative) casseroles i remember from childhood.

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