no news

just listening to christmas music and donovan on seeqpod all day long.

we had a potluck breakfast with bagels, fruit, coffee, apple dumplings and boss-made monkey bread (!!).  we did a gift exchange consisting entirely of items from around the office that we wrapped and put in a pile.  i got a pill bottle full of hard candy that expired in september of 2007 and a frisbee with an old slogan on it.  i won a giant hershey’s kiss in a christmas carol visual riddle game and a wire christmas tree for answering a lot of christmas trivia questions correctly.

because i couldn’t help myself, i made it loudly known how much i hate uncle billy from it’s a wonderful life because he is stupid and doesn’t deserve to be in any position of responsibility.  every year, my family and i rant and rave all the way through the movie about what a fucking idiot uncle billy is.  how much of an idiot is uncle billy?  uncle billy is such an idiot that he forgot to attend his nephew’s wedding, even though every single other person he knows went to the wedding and he tied a string around his finger to remember.  who the hell would give this guy $8000 and expect him to make it all the way to the bank with it?  i guess if i’d trusted this stupid, silly old fool with all my money i’d try to kill myself, too.

the moral of this is that i have way too many strong opinions about fictional characters.  please, talk to me about the entire cast of grey’s anatomy.  i mean, really don’t do that because i am not very cute when i am gnashing my teeth.

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