oh winter

i think i’ve had too much time off work.  the time at home alone, normally so coveted, is starting to get to me.  so while i sit here going crazy and getting my time line all messed up, i need to focus more on the present and how actually cool things have been in the very recent. my dreams the last few days have been really bad and stressful, but last night’s included samuel l. jackson discussing why the spirit turned out kind of shitty.  i didn’t think it was that shitty and told him as much.  apparently, dream-samuel l. jackson is the only actor in that movie who took it seriously.  also, a local girl tried to steal my new favorite purse and i wouldn’t let her.  in my dream, the purse was a never-to-be-released design by someone i don’t care about, like louis vuitton.

so now i am watching the soup’s clipdown ’08 and drinking a cup of tea.  after that, i will take a jog and try to break a sweat in the cold.  tonight i will go dancing and sweat in a hot old book store (no longer a book store) that smells bad like b.o. and musty coats.

more faces.

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2 Responses to oh winter

  1. sarah carter says:

    i feel that dood. super busy to ultimate free time is a shocker. so jealous of your dreams (even the bad ones sound interesting). i usually don’t dream but when i do dream about doing normal things (like taking out the trash or something). then i can’t remember if i did them!

  2. apheckel says:

    my dreams are usually pretty mundane or i don’t remember them at all. i think the intense dreams are a result of not going to work, so i don’t have that level of mental exertion on a daily basis, so my brain invents things to stress out about.

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