osiris is in new york for a few days, taking sabbatical after a long, crazy, stressful christmas season in retail.  i have had my fill of days off for a couple of weeks, until our jaunt across the country on the 17th, anyway.  i try to be thankful to even have a job at all.  the government doesn’t give grants for watching television or making daft character judgements of people on said television.  if they do, please tell me.

last night, after hanging out at jj and sasha’s to watch the unc men’s basketball team lose a game they really shouldn’t have lost, i came home and watched superstars of dance.  highlights included the argentine tango, gumboot, and the russian and south african judges.  there is more ridiculous dancing and bad costuming and worse makeup tonight.  oh, hooray!

i don’t normally make new year’s resolutions (no reason to, since i’m basically perfect), but since after christmas i have been keeping track of what i eat, in an effort to pay more attention to what i put in my body.  also, i would like to find a doctor and actually make an appointment.  these are important steps to staying healthy and, with luck, alive.

here is one last photo from new year’s eve.  this was a fart-noise competition.  i have no idea who won, but sasha really looks like he’s going for it.

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2 Responses to simple

  1. sarah carter says:

    dood! gumboot is so rad! i heard about it once on this history of tap-dance thing (don’t remember how i got to watch this?). another fact i learned was that the famous tapper named bojangles could run as fast backwards as he could forward. not to be confused with the scary puppet the day-care teacher i used to work with had that was called bodangles. she kept repeating, “he likes to dance on your head. he likes to dance on children’s heads.” yeah right, lady!

  2. mansionapartmentshackhouse says:

    Yay Superstars of Dance! That South African judge is something.

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