my work is having a weight-loss challenge.  it starts tomorrow, so today coworker d and i went to watts grocery and pigged out.  i got the fried catfish po’boy.  she got the pimiento cheese sandwich with bacon.  we split an order of hush puppies and each had a salad.  it’s the first really fried food i’ve had in a couple weeks, at least, and it has left me feeling disgusting.  feed my mouth. gotta love me!

this particular weight-loss challenge lasts from tomorrow through the end of the first quarter.  losses are calculated in percentages.  the weekly winner gets to assign the weekly loser to do a chore or task around the office.  the ultimate winner gets a day at the spa or some other prize, like a cake.

this thing is a real challenge, though, because unlike most other humans who don’t do much during the deep winter but work and sit in front of the fire, i am going on trips and entertaining guests.  other than the portland trip and voodoo donuts, farah and gordon are coming down for valentine’s/presidents day weekend, and i owe farah a trip to the lantern.  i’m already chalking that week up for a loss.  there are a million places i would like to try for delicious meals and drinks, particularly in durham, our new playplace.  durham actually rules, y’all.  it’s like an adult wonderland and there are taco trucks.  it’s almost like a real live city moved in next door.

anyway, one plan to burn those calories and beat everyone’s asses at their own game is to learn how to sit up straight.  that seems difficult because i’m not really comfortable unless my feet are at hip level or higher, but every little bit helps.  you gotta start somewhere.

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4 Responses to grown-ups

  1. charlotte says:

    Dang, dude, you got me with Dinosaurs.

  2. apheckel says:

    dinosaurs was the purpose of this whole post.

  3. mansionapartmentshackhouse says:

    Dinosaurs, whoa.

  4. sarah carter says:

    still so fascinating and unsettling!

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