gourmet breakfastes

osiris is silly.  this morning he was riffing off of a scene of a tv show (the principal’s office) he heard about from a coworker, wherein a high school student is late to school because he “likes to make gourmet breakfastes.”  i was trying to find that clip of that show on the internet, but i couldn’t.  it’s just as well, because i don’t think it’s possible the actual clip could’ve been as entertaining as osiris listing off the types of foods he likes to make before he could possibly make it to school.  did you know they make all sorts of cheeses from all different countries?

then, he bought me these spectacular earrings as well as some shark earrings.  really.

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5 Responses to gourmet breakfastes

  1. mansionapartmentshackhouse says:


  2. bdp says:

    I saw that episode and the “gourmet” breakfast consisted of eggs, waffles and bacon…while ALL sound tasty, not so much “gourmet.” On a related note, “The Principal’s Office” is pretty interesting—I got sucked into a 3 hr marathon yesterday. My favorite was the girl who got in trouble for texting during class and while she was in the office lying to the principal saying that she NEVER texted during class, didn’t have her phone, etc excuses, SHE GOT A TEXT MESSAGE and the principal called the person who texted her to the office and got that other student in trouble too. That other student’s mom had to come to the office and got all pissed off at the principal saying “I am never coming here again over something like this!” Classic bad parenting. I love trainwreck tv!!!

  3. apheckel says:

    he likes to make omelettes, belgian waffles, crispy bacon. it has to be crispy. i set my dvr to record it, and am pretty interested to check it out. it will probably embarrass me though, because i’m sure i’ve used all of those excuses at some point or another.

  4. carol says:

    your man has great taste in earrings!

  5. osiris says:

    1. I bought those earrings because they were so ugly that they had to be rescued. You know they were calling out to me like an itty bitty one eyed rat dog (instead of the perfectly healthy medium sized mutt dog sentenced to doom).

    2. It’s spelled “breakfastses.”

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