the realness

i have one more step to complete before submitting my application to a real-life job in toronto.  i am having panic and excitement about it.  these are the steps you take.

there are many more steps i will take before i can feel like i’m done.  oh, i am a long way from done.  i am feeling a lot like a leo these days.  let me fluff my mane.

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4 Responses to the realness

  1. carol says:

    I didn’t know you were applying for a job in Toronto! How exciting!!!! Good luck, Alison – though for selfish reasons I don’t want you to leave.

  2. a.p.heckel says:

    i am applying to a job in toronto! i have a possibly surprising amount of family in ontario and have always wanted to live in canada, though honestly most of my canada-wishing has been during the bush years. i’m nervous about potentially leaving the triangle but that is the way of things.

  3. bdp says:

    Alison, my wife’s from Toronto, so if you need any advice, help, temp housing, where to get good eats, etc etc etc, lemme know. VERY exciting!


  4. Doug says:

    I’d totally visit you in Toronto. Good luck!

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