laid back

this weekend, from last thursday until now, has been actually incredible.

i was excited thursday for a small reunion with mattie mark, charlotte and zero at a baller’s fortieth birthday party.  the excitement paid off.  i stayed up what felt like way too late for a school night.

friday at work i was excited because it was a self-imposed deadline to get my toronto application in, and i did it.  my job is kind of doo-doo a lot of the time, as all jobs are, but there are some cool things about it, like how i am getting paid to sit at home and watch the entire first season of pushing daisies and knit today and how i have the opportunity to move to a cool-ass town and get paid more.  or at least to try to.  i wrote my mom an email that i was putting in my application and was preparing myself for the resulting nervous breakdown, and she wrote back with this sage advice:

The nervous breakdown can wait at least until the interview.  Have fun this weekend!

which is true.  so i decided to focus on the fact that my boo and her valentine were arriving friday night for the long weekend.  it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, and the times we’ve seen each other recently have been too short and too stress-induced.  so it was so good to get a chance to go out around town, eat, shop, drink and just straight chill.  food list:

  1. taco truck on greensboro st. in carrboro for late-night snack.
  2. the station in carrboro for drinks and conversation.
  3. pepper’s for pizza breakfast.
  4. revolution for the best valentine’s day meal and star treatment and bubbly on the house.
  5. the pinhook for an after-dinner drink and free plays on the ms. pac-man machine.
  6. weaver st. market for brunch.
  7. carolina brewery for general eats and the games.
  8. back to the station for the second half of the game and some townsfolk camaraderie.

as a valentine’s day gift, osiris serenaded me with an original song (entitled “you’re the lighthouse on my shore”) that he wrote himself and is possibly the best song in the world.  i gave him a bad brains dvd and a sepultura dvd, which is just about right up there on the romance scale.

it is president’s day today and the office is closed, so i’m trying to get stuff done around here.  i finally decided to get rid of the old, vinegary batch of kombucha that was just sitting in my room, unpotable and annoying.  but when i went to take the culture out of the jar, it was way too big and wouldn’t come out, so i had to take it apart in the jar and throw about 1/3 of it away, but don’t fret.  there is still way more than enough to share.  please please please come by and take some of this off my hands.  it’s a beautiful culture and it would love to live in your home.  oh look at this brilliant specimen:

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4 Responses to laid back

  1. FQ says:

    star treatment indeed! thank you for being the fabulous hostess you are, and hope to see you very soon!

  2. Doug says:

    Oh man, I drank kombucha in Japan. It was slimy and disgusting. And some of the flavor combinations they had, too…bleh. The culture looks cool, though, I guess.

  3. apheckel says:

    FQ – it was my pleasure! you guys are the best. thanks for giving us an excuse to be in that ballin’ booth!

    doug – more for me, then!

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