i was going to scold you guys about not telling me about yeasayer earlier.  i mean, come on!  they’ve got everything i want:  banging drums, high-pitched male vocals, hand claps, some synths, everything!  that jank came out in 2007.  i mean, i try to keep up with things, but i feel like at least by now one of you would have sat me down, plunked some headphones on me and said:  “hey.”

but instead, i will talk to you about how much i love having people over to watch television.  it is my favorite thing.  unless i make it myself, there is no pressure to impress.  there is something to focus on other than me and there is automatically something to talk about.  holly is here now with her dogs and her smile watching lostlost is a garbage television show unless there are people to watch it with.  same thing with america’s next top model.  other than these things, life is good, and i’m in a holding pattern.

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