on the junk tip:  winter will not go away. i knew a couple weeks ago when we had that week of weather in the 70s that it wasn’t here to stay, but i am so totally and completely over the cold.  add to that the fact that i still haven’t heard back from toronto (and this blog has become a one-note song) and i’ve got cold-weather grudges happening.  the only good thing (not the only good thing, but a big good thing) that happens in the winter is that sometimes holly comes over and we snuggle up under this giant shiny gold and pearl reversible satin comforter and watch tv and laugh at dogs.  i think it should be mentioned that holly is the only person who ever uses that blanket, so it is special in that way.  this is a picture that she kind of captured of the elusive lulu, but i think all she captured of her was her soul.  and you can kind of see the blanket.

on the unjunk tip:  daylight savings time starts next weekend (!).  maybe you knew that it is basically my favorite day of the year.  maybe that means i have a vitamin d deficiency and i need to bask in some sunlight to mitigate my winter blues.  or i am a lizard.  or maybe i should just take a damn walk and quit complaining about my honestly pretty cool and easy life.

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  1. Mac says:

    The latter … proceed, apace….

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