north carolina

i am in a grumpy mood because of the snow.  it’s not the worst thing that could have me in a grumpy mood but it just doesn’t seem necessary.  it is march.  i made myself a very potent cup of tea and drove to work, late and slowly, listening to my new favorite neko case song, i’m an animal, on repeat.  that made things better for a minute but now i’m mostly grumpy again.  i want to be at home watching some crappy movie with osiris and lyle and lulu and not at work where nothing is happening.

i think i would like to listen loudly to some summery pop to coax the weather out of its funk.  along the lines of the best song of 2008:

or one of 2009’s tightest so far:

at the very least, it will help me out of my funk.  i am taking suggestions for tunes.

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2 Responses to north carolina

  1. carol says:

    Don’t worry Alison, this weekend will be much better. Just hang in there!

    • apheckel says:

      oh i know. it always gets better. it’s just the getting there that sucks. all i want to be able to do is roll the windows down in the yaris and drive around in warm sunlight listening to happy music.

      (on a happy note, wordpress now allows replying to comments, so that is a step toward progress)

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