something to tell you

i haven’t been taking many photos lately.  no surprise there.  it’s been nice weather the last few days, but the only things flowering are bradford pears and i am suddenly and dramatically allergic to them.  growing up, i was a strong and robust young thing and never had any sort of allergy symptoms.  i am much wimpier as an adult.  i don’t even remember ever having a headache until at least high school, maybe even college.  but these bradford pears (which are everywhere) in north carolina are killing the front of my brain.  tree copulation is so very inconvenient.

not to mention that apparently bradford pears have gone rogue.  let’s just take them and the kudzu to my parents’ house.  they just got a new chipper shredder.  it’s a big dog.

Bradford pear is a cultivar of the Callery pear that is widely used to landscape residential developments, parking lots and roadsides. The original ‘Bradford’ cultivar was introduced to Maryland in the early 1900s and had sterile fruits. However, new hybrids, developed to correct the tendency of the tree to split and fall apart under wind and snow events, were not sterile. Bradford pear has escaped plantings and is invading natural habitats in the eastern United States.

and while i guess bradford pears are establishing a true american spirit and manifest destiny, i would thank them to kindly and seriously leave my brain alone.


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2 Responses to something to tell you

  1. carol says:

    hahaha!!! i love your caption! “c’mon yall, be reasonable!”

    I hope your allergies go away soon!

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