I’m dog sitting for coworker K this weekend while she’s at Wintergreen with her family.  It’s not so bad; I get to hang out with these ladies

and generally chill in her sweet pad.  She’s got all sorts of gadgetry and usually has Toaster Studel in the freezer.  Right now I am updating on her HP TouchSmart computer.  Fancy!

In exchange, she is buying me a ticket to go see Legally Blonde: The Musical with her and coworker D when it comes to DPAC in April.  I’m excited about it.  We went there last weekend to see Jesus Christ Superstar with Ted Neely, who is twice as old as Jesus ever was, but is probably still a better singer than Jesus ever was, though I guess Jesus could probably sing exactly as well as he wanted to.  Judas was the lead singer from Living Colour, which is fitting.  

That last part of the story is particularly well written.

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5 Responses to sitting

  1. apheckel says:

    Wherein I start capitalizing sentences and proper names because I’m an adult now, damn it.

  2. charlotte says:

    the lead singer from Living Colour?!? Yes!!

  3. Doug says:

    I’m trying to take Sandy to see Legally Blonde for her birthday. But her birthday was two weeks ago and the play won’t be here until May. We’ll see how it goes…

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