Osiris found out this weekend that he has Celiac Disease and has to avoid gluten from now on.  It explains a lot, including the intolerance to beer that we already knew about and the exhaustion after every meal.  Sucks, but just like anything, we figure it out and move on.

So last night I went on a gluten-free shopping trip to Whole Foods and picked up some stuff to try out.  I got some regular food (veggies, chicken, rice) and some gluten-free specific food (Bob’s Red Mill gluten free all purpose flour).  I didn’t get any of the fancy bread because that stuff is like $6 a loaf and no, thank you.  My favorite product by far was this pasta which, no matter what some may have led you to believe, is not mushy.


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  1. auntjayne says:

    I also have Celiac Disease and I have been doing alot of researching and recipe hunting.(I have made some gluten free disasters)
    I started a blog to share what I have learned and I keep adding to it. You might find it interesting.
    P.S. It gets easier as you go along. 🙂

  2. ben says:

    Hey, so I had a roommate that had celiac, and I tried to brew up some gluten free beer for him…I would not recommend it. However, there are some commercially available burrs that aren’t all that bad. I’d give it a shot.

  3. Doug says:

    It’s “not mushy” AND “al dente”?!?! Rapture!

    My friend here has celiac and likes to cook alot. I can try to get a few recipes from him. (He’s had a lot of trial-and-error over the years, so he knows what he’s doing now.)

    • apheckel says:

      Yeah, get some recipes. O’s an awesome cook and can probably figure it out just by knowing what ingredients are cool and what aren’t. For instance, last night he made shrimp fried rice, despite the fact that he can’t eat soy sauce. Junk was bangin’!

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