After leaving Baltimore later than planned because I was gettin’ all up on some eggs with AEB, O and W, I went down to the Cheazy-Peaz to spend Easter with my parents and assorted friends and extended family.

My parents, ever resourceful, found this incredibly potent Mediterranean Easter egg dye, not just in red (blood, blood red), but in other, fancy colors.  I missed out on the dyeing because I preferred to sleep for nine hours, but I woke up to some of the most intensely colored eggs ever.  Wow!  Plus Mom took an oiled paper towel to them and shined them up and they came out so pure and gorgeous.  I love the unpredictable colors and opportunity for science that Paas presents, but man, I may be a convert.  Plus, one pack of color is enough to color fifty eggs.  Fifty eggs!

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2 Responses to ova

  1. Doug says:

    You know who rocks? Your mom.

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