getting to beach time

I’ve been having some personal hard times, mostly biological (lady things), but I’ve been loving the sun.  The weather’s been hot some days and perfect some days, but it’s been sunny for a week and I can’t get enough of it.  I’d like to take a trip to the beach, spray myself down with sunscreen, and just lie in it.  I’d like to get a hammock, a pillow, a sheet and an afternoon and have my way with the sun and an epic nap.  I’d like to row a canoe around a lake and juice my pecs and traps.  I’d like to do it all with you.

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3 Responses to getting to beach time

  1. Doug says:

    I like that dress. It seems like you could get a pretty cool tanline out of it, too.

  2. sarah carter says:

    you are so perdy! and i love that you defined biological!

  3. charlotte says:

    That dress is so pretty!

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