Lyle bought a new television last week.  It is 42″ of plasma extremity.  I’m pretty cool with that.  What I’m not cool with is this giant television which wound up in the kitchen due to what I suppose is sound logic – old living room tv moves to bedroom, old bedroom tv moves to kitchen, old kitchen tv moves to patio – except for the fact that there is now a 27″ television in the kitchen.

I am also trying to re-teach myself how to diagram sentences.

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2 Responses to homestead

  1. sarah carter says:

    yes girl! i love a good direct object hanging out at the end of the subj/verb line!

  2. littlebubble says:

    I know the first thing I’m going to do is research this after I comment, which is highly unlike me, but how come fridges don’t have televisions in them?

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