a list

Things I know about myself:

  • I am terrible at waiting to give presents.  I like to think I’ll be able to wait but then as soon as I buy a present or get it in the mail I have an extreme urge to give it right away instead of waiting for whatever its intended special occasion is.  Maybe I’m afraid I’ll forget?  It’s likely, because:
  • I am terrible at the mail.  I currently have two packages (one for Doug and one for Mika) that need to be sent sitting on my desk, waiting for me to take them to the post office.  They’ve been there for about a month.  I’ll send them, I know, because:
  • I get things done in my own time.  At least the self-paced things and major life decisions.  Otherwise I’m a hyper-punctual bundle of nerves.  Which basically means:
  • It may take me more years than seems reasonable to move into my own place, but I will show up to your party at the exact time the invitation states.  Maybe even 30 minutes early.

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1 Response to a list

  1. Doug says:

    I totally forgot that you said you were going to send me a present. That’s so not like me. I tell you what. I’ll trade you KitKats (from Japan) for the package.

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