My birthday is July 22.  I’ll be 26!  Starting on my birthday, Merge Records is also celebrating their birthday with a festival in Carrboro.  Tickets are already sold out because Cat’s Cradle holds basically 5 people, so I haven’t gotten one.  I’m certain though that there will be auxiliary shows all over town for that week.  I’ve taken the whole week off work.  I think you should come down and hang out that week and watch some tunes with me.  I think that would be really fun!

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3 Responses to vacation

  1. mika says:

    you are lucky to be a summer baby. I haven’t bought my tickets to America yet, but since I’m thinking about it… if I do, could I come down and quiet-party with you?!

    also, get to dat post office, send it before I move to a different apartment in July! ;-D

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