things that make summer

I love summer.  My first couple of days of the summer have been a little bumpy, but overall things feel good and I’ve been in the water and in the sun frequently, when it’s not raining, and so hopefully this summer will rival excellent summers of the past.

Things are already pretty adventurous, for me anyway, since I’m not naturally a very adventurous person.  We hopped a fence into a fancy pool in Chatham County and we raced squeaky ducks down the little manmade river that runs through the American Tobacco Campus.  This was my team:

I will relish in the liberal use of colorful language.  We booked our tickets to Chicago for July 17-20 and hopefully it will give us a chance to not only camp out with Doug and his sister and several Madison rollergirls, but also to reconnect with family and dear friends that live up there.  If you live in Chicago and would like to hang out, give me a call.  We might even day trip to Milwaukee so Osiris can have a reaction to beer fumes and I can drink a Schlitz in its natural habitat.

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2 Responses to things that make summer

  1. Charlotte says:

    Those ducks are hilarious.

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