party & bullshit

After MJ’s death last week, apparently everyone was in the mood to party (!).  On Saturday we attended three separate parties, two that included pools, and all of them were last minute.  It was great.  We swam in a new pool carved into the side of a hill, with dudes doing seriously impressive dives off the board and greatly amusing some babies.  We went to Matt and Carol’s new house and played Rock Band and I took an essential nap.  Then we went to the Ghost Pool from the previous weekend and ate pizza and did cartwheels off the edge into the deep end.  There was a variety of friends and general good summertime feelings.  I got bit by a couple of horseflies, but even that was no big deal.

Sunday was a day of rest after 12 hours of partying the previous day, but we did see The Hangover.  I wish I’d seen it at the dollar theater with Osiris and Janel; I would’ve liked it more that way.  As it stands, it was funny in most parts.  I’m basically just witholding all my movie enthusiasm until Harry Potter comes out.  Nerds.

Next weekend I will be in the mountains in West Virginia with my parents and brother and dog.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m going to sleep so hard!

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