chickens are stupid

I had to stop short for a chicken on my drive home from work this evening.  Any other day it would’ve cracked me up, but I was having a bad day today so it just pissed me off instead.  I’d seen this chicken and a few others hanging out in someone’s front yard which faces Erwin Rd., which is a pretty country road that bumps and winds through Durham and Chapel Hill.  The speed limit is 45.  I’ve thought, “I hope those damn chickens don’t walk out in the road.  What is their owner thinking?” at least 5 times.

Well today, of all days, one of the chickens decided it would just be a perfect time to take a stroll out into the middle of the road and then just chill.  I didn’t realize there was a chicken in the middle of the road until the SUV in front of me just barely didn’t kill it because it is an SUV and has about 3 feet of clearance for no reason.  That chicken wouldn’t have been so lucky if I weren’t so quick on my feet.  The Yaris would’ve knocked that chicken right the fuck out.  But I was able to stop short about 3 feet from the chicken and honk at it for a full minute before the people behind me were able to scoot around me and give me enough space to back up and drive around the chicken, who decided that was probably the best time to get out of the road.

Like I said, I’d had a pretty bad day, so when I picked Osiris up in the neighborhood and took him to the bank, he imitated the chicken dancing to Notorious Thugs, which made me laugh.  It involved flipping the bird.  A lot.

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1 Response to chickens are stupid

  1. mika says:

    god what a way (and song!!!) to end that bad day. woulda liked to see that impression 😀

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