sleeep it off

I turned 26 yesterday!  This week has been pretty filled with friends and demi-adventures.  We went to a White Sox game 3 days before one of their pitchers threw a perfect game.  We got terrible directions basically all over Chicago.  Hey Chicagoans!  Quit assuming everyone walks around with a compass!  I ain’t no boy scout!

Other than that, we fiercely spectated at the Warrior Dash out in Joliet.  It was the second time I’ve stayed with good friends in a town that houses a federal prison.  Fitting, since Doug is such a miscreant.

We basically ran through room after room of taxidermied animals at the Field Museum and came home exhausted, which is the only way to come home from vacation, really.  Good thing I took the whole week off.

Yesterday for my birthday I hung out all day, bought the The State DVDs and a couple of CDs and played Settlers of Catan with Kyler and Jesse and Osiris.  I won.  Today actually marks the third day in a row I’ve played that game.  I’ve won 3 out of 5 games, I think, which basically makse me the Biggest Dog.  At least at a nerdy game about sheep and ore.

All in all, vacation is good and I love birthdays in general but especially my own.  This has been a good one.

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3 Responses to sleeep it off

  1. effkiew says:

    BOO! This is a little late, but hope your birthday was fabulous. Wish I could be with you (or better still, that you could be here too!)

    Leaving London today to head down south for the wedding. Talk to you in another week or so – Happy Happy Birthday again!


  2. Charlotte says:

    Happy belated, girl! Sounds like you had a good time. I respect you for getting The State DVDs, oh boy. You’re a beautiful human.

  3. sarah carter says:

    happy (belated) birthday! i’m so glad you were born!

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