If you’ve talked to me or Osiris any time since Monday, you’ve heard us talking about Maxwell.  Specifically his new album, BLACKsummers’night.  Even more specifically, Pretty Wings, which youtube won’t let me embed (fascists! — it’s a shame, really, Maxwell is looking his Obamaest).  He played that song on the BET Awards and also in my head every second of the last 3 days.  Osiris thinks Prince wishes he wrote that song.  I’m just glad that someone did.

I was feeling kind of bad for not posting a whole lot recently.  I’ve been in post-vacation stressball mode.  The upside of this (and Operation: Save All The Money) is that I’ve been feeling a lot more crafty.  I started knitting a baby blanket for miss Becky’s gestating little one, but last night I slipped a stitch watching So You Think You Can Dance and had to unravel the whole thing.  That’s alright, though, because it was too narrow anyway (Coworker D joked that I was knitting a baby napkin), so I’ll take this fresh start.

Also, Grizzly Bear (obviously).

Bummer Update: Maxwell played a sold-out show at the Durham Performing Arts Center last night.  Seriously?  Way to fall down on the job, Alison.

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