It is 2/3 of the way through a three-day weekend.  My housemate and a bunch of his far-flung friends have reunited in order to shoot a loud and raucous movie in our house.  It involves a wig, some 40 oz.s, and Yosemite Sammin’.  It also involves something described as “Myrtle Beach Style.”  At this point, you guys know just about as much about this movie as I do.  O and I got stuck in the hallway and kitchen, respectively, while they filmed a dance scene in Lulu’s room.

I like today.  I just had a float, as I’ve had fairly regularly lately, with vanilla ice cream and Boylan’s black cherry soda.  We went to Raleigh for antique clothing and nice bloody Marys.  We played catch in the living room with a bobo-Nerf football for like 25 minutes.  Now I will embrace the cap-gun violence happening on the patio, watch Pineapple Express with O and Jesse, who just walked in, and relish in the fact that I don’t have to work tomorrow.

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