a small list

Things I love tonight:

  • How short Katt Williams is
  • How short the new models on ANTM are and sub-list:
  • Stripping all the nail polish off of my toes, clipping the nails and lotioning up my feet.
  • The makeshift ace bandage I made for my aching wrist out of a blue polka-dotted scarf.
  • My working staycation.
    • Hating on the word “staycation.”
  • New electronic music.
  • Hating on bad television commercials.  How is giving a hotel to your little brother in a game of Monopoly a sign of growing up?  It’s not!  It’s a sign of being a really terrible Monopoly player!  As generally bleeding as my heart is in real life, it can get really cold around the board game table.
  • My long, lush, luxurious hair.

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2 Responses to a small list

  1. Charlotte says:

    I created my Fantasy ANTM Team (for you, girl!), though I’m not too confident about it. I really loved Sundai until they gave her that stupid makeover and she bombed her first photo shoot.
    I also love the recaps on fourfour, and I once read through the every single recap from every season he ever did. It was a great time in my life. When I watched the premiere of this season, I kept thinking about the gifs he must have made.

  2. carol says:

    i would like to point out that you can’t actually just give a hotel away in monopoly. the game don’t work that way! yes, i got very mad when i saw that, too!

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