sore fingers

I’ve been knit-knit-knitting and somehow I still need to buy presents.  Sigh — maybe I should just part with some of the things I really want to keep for myself.  I’m having obvious spazz problems here.  My skin and hair have been freaking out in response to a combination of stress and dry air.  In order to keep maximum oils inside of me, I’ve been washing less, which means I kind of stink.  Sorry.

Osiris and I cut a tiny rug after the Juan Huevos show on Saturday, to the delight of exactly two people, but it did feel good to dance a couple of steps.  This song kind of makes me want to do that, in between just cracking me up:

I’m ready for a vacation.  I’m ready for fun.

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1 Response to sore fingers

  1. Natalie says:

    You look like a spy with those shades and your inconspicuous expression. As for being ready for fun…you and me both, apheck.

    Let’s be stinky and bring the fun(k)!

    ….that was a somewhat gross statement…

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