Christmas was a success overall.  Despite the completely failed yo-yo experiment, gift-giving and -receiving was positive, fruitful and fun.  General festivities and family time were high-spirited and hilarious.  I laughed a lot, to the point of tears and almost spitting wine out of my nose, which hurt like hell.  It was old home week (apparently), so I saw a lot of people I knew really well nine to ten years ago, but don’t know at all now.  My family had never seen The Jerk, so we watched it together.  I got to see Osiris for about 30 minutes on Christmas day, which is the longest period of time we’ve ever seen each other on Christmas day, I think.

There are no plans currently for welcoming 2010 (a busy year) and I have a much-needed and well-deserved week off work.  I know I beg for visitors frequently, and this is no exception.  I’m happy and full of cheer.  We got the party box of Apples to Apples as a gift from lady Jesse.  Let’s share.

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