soap operas

My life is packed to the brim with characters.  I am older than my body and I am frequently transported to different universes.  People come and go at seemingly random intervals, but the regulars are always here.  Life is sticky sweet, confusing, infuriating, gratifying and most of all, entertaining.

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one world at a time.
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2 Responses to soap operas

  1. says:

    i am happy to make a cameo appearance at any time

  2. Natalie says:

    Amerie has it right:

    “Life’s for livin’ so go and GET IT.”

    PS- I only know this song because of my beginner’s hip hop dance class, which I’m only taking because I’m trying to live by the aforementioned quote.

    PPS- Come to Seattle so we can BUST A GODDAMNED MOVE.

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