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The crowd for the gold medal game in Olympic curling is going totally crazy.  It’s incredible.  I never think about curling as a sport that really gets the crowd pumped up.  It’s not much of a Jock Rock sport.  But it’s the 9th end of this game and the crowd is getting buck wild!

I’ve had visions of myself as an old woman, worn with age, getting together with friends on Sunday afternoons and curling over thermoses of coffee and hip flasks of old whiskey.  I don’t think the visions are very accurate because I don’t think curling is a sport that you could/should pick up very late in life, and I already have hip aches.  Plus, I really don’t see myself living in a place cold enough to have curling as a popular pastime, much less an available venue for it.  Maybe I’ll just stick to bocce.  Plus most of my current friends already understand bocce, so I wouldn’t have to go making a whole new set of curling acquaintances and then convincing them to like me.

This just brings me to the general vision I have for my future (thinking past the work and toil of career, children and all the mid-life garbage):  A life surrounded by close friends and loved ones, shared over hot cups of coffee and chilled glasses of whiskey, spent on hobbies and quality time.  I think that’s why I love craft circles and after-work porch drinks.  I’m a simple gal who loves simple pleasures.

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