y’all stoked?

Big news around town!  Chapel Hill’s own Lost In The Trees was signed to Anti- this week!  It’s very exciting for everyone involved.  And while I’m not involved at all in any way really, most of my friends are either in or tightly tied to this group.  They’re making some of the dreamiest symphonic folk-pop around.  Plus it’s just a collection of some of the solidest dudes and dudettes in the whole world.  Also, cuties:

And as part of my New Year’s Resolution to be an unapologetically enthusiastic cheeseball about everything, I’m going to give it to you straight:  I am extremely pumped about this.  ANTI-!  Check the stats:  Tom Waits, Neko Case, NASA, Nick Cave, Mavis Staples, Man Man, Antibalas, DeVotchKa, Busdriver, just … everyone.  I scooped a copy of All Alone In An Empty House here when they had the CD release party through Trekky last year or the year before (kept the CD and download for myself and gave the vinyl to FQ) and listened to it constantly.  Since then it’s been remixed and had a couple of tracks added, to make it even more special.  It just warms my heart that these very deserving musicians are making it to the relative big time.  Go!

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