for whatever reason

Last year and this year, late-March and April weekends have been packed with travel.  It’s exciting and fun, but also exhausting and frazzling.  And so it goes.  I like to relax and have down time, but that’s pretty much all I did this winter; spring is time for adventure!

This weekend is the third of three Virginia-bound weekends in a row, followed next weekend by the second of two weddings in four weeks.  All occasions have been celebratory and all moods good, so I’m thankful.  I’m also tired!  It’s a challenge always to remember that I’m young (but getting older) and fun takes effort.  There are also no company-sanctioned days off from work between President’s Day and Memorial Day and that is one big, fat stretch of year to have to work every day.

What’s the moral here?  I guess the moral is that I’m tired but I’m trying.  Spring can be painful like stretching tense muscles.  I’m just limbering up for summer.  I had my first Locopop of the year today.  It was grapefruit/mango and the flavor was an accurate combination of sweetness and tartness.

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