blankets in april

Today was stormy and gray and chilly.  I was honest when I said I wanted to read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories this summer.  All of them.  I think I recruited company in my endeavor this evening.  It can be a book club.  This obsession is serious.  I mean, I had no idea these stories were so good.  And I’m a fan of short fiction.  There have been years of my life when I would read short stories and essays exclusively.  Conan Doyle is climbing up the ranks to Flannery O’Conner status in my little brain-scale of awesome short fiction writers.  The craft – the formula, the process and all that goes into it – is the mistress.

In other non-literary news, I just watched Lulu fall asleep.  Her eyes would roll halfway back, come briefly back into focus, and then roll back again.  Her eyes are now about 1/8 open.  She is clearly asleep, but every once in a while her eyeball will align in a way that looks like she’s giving me a fierce side-eye.  Her nose started twitching, and when I started typing just now to document it, her eyes opened wide, she blinked twice, and now her eyes are going into and out of focus once again as she drifts back into sleep.  Nature is wild.  Sleep is wild.  I’m going to get in on that action right now.  If you want to document it, you are welcome.

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