I haven’t been blogging much (duh).  It’s been a weird couple of weeks.  The long Memorial Day weekend was an exercise in frustration, communication and timing errors.  But in hindsight it was a learning experience, and largely fun anyway.  That’s the way things work, and it’s how relationships grow.  Right?

As a result of never wanting to use my computer at home and it being so nice outside and TV sucking since Lost ended, my mind has been more active.  I’ve been assigning myself thought experiments.  Recently, I’ve been thinking about the concept of purity in religious contexts.  This comes largely out of all the Catholic church garbage.  While the emphasis on purity within modern religion lies primarily in the realm of sexual purity, I prefer to think of it in broader terms.  That is to say that, instead of purity meaning abstinence before marriage, or cleanliness, or fidelity, it would mean something more spiritual.  A sort of forthrightness of thoughts and deeds.  A purity of intention in all actions.  An extension of the Golden Rule, where every decision and action has been weighed for effects on others, communicated and executed as clearly and efficiently as possible.  A straight line from your moral center out to others.

I’ve been trying to strive for clear communication my whole life, I think.  It’s something I struggle with.  I despise emotional manipulation and backstabbing, and all the drama that goes along with it.  I’m as prone to it as anyone, but I am trying my hardest to eliminate as much of that as I can.  If I want or need something, I try to ask for it.  If something bothers me, I try to speak up.  If I feel overwhelmed, I try to ask for help.  I want to try to rely on other people in a healthy way and in turn allow them to rely on me.

I’m not a particularly religious person, but I do value universal love and a sense of united community.  Whether or not it’s in a church, we all surround ourselves with people who see the world from a similar framework to our own.  Some people meet these kindred spirits at an early age and keep friends for life, maturing into adulthood together.  Some people meet them later on, when psyches, opinions and identities are mostly formed.  Basically, being raised in a church or being born-again.

My primary problem with organized religions (or sects or denominations or whatever) is the whole concept of absolute truth.  I can’t get behind one dogma to the exclusion of all others.  It’s impossible to know the absolute truth – I’m not God.  So I struggle with that a lot.  I consider myself a moral person generally, and try to reform my moral failures when I’m confronted with them.  I want to live my life being honest, straightforward and generous, so that’s where my spiritual energy is being directed.

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