bury this post

I just wanted to make the following note to remind myself not to relive yesterday:

low resources + low blood sugar + high barometric pressure = acting like the crankiest little baby

Yuck.  Loving shout outs to O, who bought and prepared food and rode in the car with me while I was at peak grumpiness.  Also to Lyle, who bore the burden of most of my childish petulance.  Also to my parents, who had to deal with that basically every day for way too many years.

That’s it.  Keep it real, but don’t keep it that real.

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2 Responses to bury this post

  1. Charlotte says:

    It gets us all from time to time, don’t I know it.

  2. Becky says:

    OH, I never thought of using the barometric pressure in my crankster equation. I have always argued that I could get away with murder due to temporary insanity around dinner time.

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