That’s it.  The Regulator has won my loyalty for life (or however long I live in the triangle).  I went there today to pick up the July/August music issue of The Believer and wound up also buying a knitting book (naturally).  I’m a member of their discount club (which O encouraged me to join) so I got a bit of a discount off each.  Score!  So what would’ve been like a $38 purchase wound up being $33.  I left happy and went a couple doors down for my afternoon iced espresso and to sit for a little while.  I chose to sit out front in one of the chairs they have on the sidewalk, which I almost never do, and read some of my new goodies and listen to music.

But then the guy from The Regulator who rang me up came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder and held out $3.25 in cash for me!  What??  Mind you, this is probably 7 or 8 minutes after I’d left their store.  He said, “I totally forgot to give you sale price on that book!  I was so glad to see you out here.”  I didn’t even realize they were having a sale.  It made me feel just so, so great.  So they’ve gained my loyalty, which is generally unshakable.  Let’s go there together sometime!

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