something inexplicable

I suspect that, in the run-up to the full harvest moon tonight, something was getting lost in the connections between humans.  I just had very many strained if not straight-up bad interactions with people between Sunday and yesterday.  Today has been better, but I’m still thinking about the last few days.  I don’t know if it was entirely internal (i.e. a disconnect between what my brain thought my face was doing and what my face was doing in reality) or if it was in other people’s perceptions of me (i.e. a disconnect between what my face was doing and what other people were seeing).

Honestly, it was really unusual to feel like I was at odds with every person I saw or talked to.  Yesterday I went for a walk at lunch.  On the path I usually walk I made eye contact with and (I’m pretty sure) smiled at a lady.  In response, she just frowned and shook her head at me.  What?  I’m not accustomed to that sort of reception.  Were my cheeks deflated?  Were my eyes filled with hate?  Was she going through her own things that prevented her from having a normal, friendly interchange with a passing stranger?  I’ll never really know.

All I do really know is that today has been significantly better, and my brain-face-eye connectors seem to be working like normal again.

And a return of magic.

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1 Response to something inexplicable

  1. Natalie says:

    There are just some days when you feel like a weirdo. Like your brain is constantly scrambling up wet gravel and you just can’t get a foothold. For a naturally gregarious person like yourself it’s disconcerting. My remedy to this is make monster faces into a mirror and/or at small children and animals.

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