never fails

My impulse control issues from 3 months ago are really doing a number on my real-world anxiety this week.  Other contributing factors are seemingly unsolvable work problems with ridiculously tight deadlines and the post-New Year’s Eve face breakout I’m having right now.  I swear my face rejects makeup.  Also our room is a total disaster, which is easy enough to remedy with an afternoon’s labor, but I haven’t been willing to spend an afternoon on it yet.  Let’s see, what other really interesting things can I tell you?

Oh!  The parents closed on their new mountain home in Highland County, VA, which I’m looking forward to utilizing once the valley isn’t a bowl of snow anymore.  I’m very happy for them, since this comes after a few years of searching for homes and/or property.  The phone book for Highland County has the people listed by name and then also by number, which is hilarious, and it still only comes out to about 50 pages.  I’m going to memorize it.

Also I got some hair clips with flowers on them.  I might wear them in the big city.  Deal with it.

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