helpless mess

Winter can suck it.  I hate it.  I feel like there aren’t enough daytime hours to think all of my thoughts so they just get clogged up around my brain stem and only like one action for every 3 thoughts gets through, and even that gets all jumbled.  I left my ATM card in the ATM and didn’t realize it until we were at the airport on the way to NYC.  I inadvertently only worked like 5 days in 3 weeks.  While my brain was stalling, everyone else’s brain was working and stuff was going on so it’s been kind of lonely and disorienting.  I’m starting to get back into the loop.  Getting back to work helps and staying in town helps.  Sitting on the couch helps and watching This Is Spinal Tap helps.  Documenting my hair length helps.

There is a snuggie behind me and I don’t like using it at all.  The sleeves are too far apart and I can’t walk with it on because it falls off.  It’s too long so I trip on it.  The sleeves are too close to the top so it doesn’t even reach my neck.  It’s just a piece of crap.  Give me a blanket any day.

Anyway, it’s complaints central in here.  I guess it’s time for bed.

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2 Responses to helpless mess

  1. Charlotte says:

    Your hair is beautiful.
    I have the same problem with winter. I always think it’s going to be awesome, hunker-down-in-a-cave style, but that only works if you don’t have to leave your house. And working 5 days a week in the winter is garbage. Going anywhere in the winter is garbage. It’s just tiring. We should be hibernating.

    • apheckel says:

      Oh, your hair is an inspiration, always. I haven’t actually worked five days in a week since the second week of December. One day this week was because the roads were super icy and the office was closed. Next Monday is MLK day so I won’t work a full week then, either. While I like sitting at home and knitting and watching Netflix Instant as much as anyone else, it’s been doing a number on my higher brain function. It might have more to do with the fact that most of my time at home was by myself, which normally I would savor, but in this case was just kind of making me crazy. I have a job that’s different from everyone else in my household’s, so when I have to take a week off, everyone else is still working and then I just feel like a turd.

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